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Accrual Method Accounting

An accounting method under which you report your income when you earn it, whether or not you have received it. You generally deduct your expenses when you incur a liability for them, rather than when


1. Except as otherwise provided in subsection 2, “acquisition” means the direct or indirect acquisition of a controlling interest. 2. “Acquisition” does not include any acquisi


A contract is a written understanding between two parties that represents their mutual exchange of promises to perform. The language must demonstrate the clear and unambiguous intent to fufill the bar


Equity is simply another tool to incentivize the employee to perform. Equity means ownership in the company. Equity can be provided as stock, stock options, restricted stock, etc. For public companies


Bonus is also a negotiated term in employment. The primary function of a bonus is to create incentives to perform. Obviously, the better an employee performs, the more bonus one receives. Bonus is set

At Wll Employment

This is name given to the method that most people are employed. At-Will means you can quit your employment without any reasons and the employer can terminate your employment without any reason. At-Wil