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Ugh, you got fired by a computer! Artificial Intelligence has arrived in the workplace at breakneck speed.   Decisions about your performance and termination are being made by artificially intelligent machine learning computers.   I enjoy sci-fi but the news of computers making decisions about performance and terminations has serious legal implications you should be concerned about.


Companies such as Google and  Bridgewater Associates  have built powerful computers that render decisions about performance and termination. Currently, AI computers operated by Google and Facebook have been found to discriminate based on race or gender.  See NYTimes Article July 9, 2015. Companies in the recruitment field have begun using AI in recruiting. For example, the new start up company  Pymetrics  built an AI machine to remove bias in the recruiting process.


Today,  employment discrimination  cases are determined by direct or circumstantial proof of intentional discrimination against a variety of protected classifications of employees, i.e. sex, age, disability, race, sexual orientation etc. Employment Attorneys, courts and juries routinely examine the human interactions underlying factual evidence to determine if an employee was terminated or adversely treated because of an unlawful bias or intent to discriminate held by a supervisor, a.k.a. a decision maker.   What happens when you replace the œhuman decision maker with an Artificially Intelligent computer?   Answer, chaos!

I predict that employers will shift the decision making to a computer and eliminate the decision making from their managers and human resource personnel.   This AI HR Bot will conduct internal investigations, interview employees and witnesses and render a decision to terminate.   All these functions will comply with current state and federal laws required of all employers.   Most importantly, the AI HR Bot will make the œfinal decision to terminate the employee, leaving employees and their attorneys, helpless to prove some human being held a discriminatory bias against them.   You could expect this future to arrive in one to three years.

What can you do to prepare for the future when computers terminate you?     Computers function on data, so employees should create lots of positive favorable data inputs for the AI computer to examine. For example, you should use company email to document abuse and make complaints to your manager.   You should also use emails to write rebuttals to factually baseless performance reviews that are done on-line by your manager. Save all of your supporting data on your own home computer.

Finally, you should hire an employment attorney to guide you through the process to develop a case to support your lawsuit or severance package.

If you have employment law questions or need help with specific workplace issues,  contact Carey & Associates, P.C.   Our employment lawyers in Connecticut and New York can consult with you regarding your issue and offer guidance on the next steps.

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