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Headhunter Offers Important Advice: Welcome to the AI Machine1 min read

Headhunter Offers Important Advice: Welcome to the AI Machine: A friend and colleague of mine is a nationally known headhunter and expert in his field.  Nick Corcodilos, from AskTheHeadhunter.com, provides alarming insight regarding Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the interview process. In essence, employers like Hilton and Unilever are using AI to conduct video interviews without any human interactions.

Here’s a sample of his article which you can read HERE.

The employer has invested its money in HireVue, not in you, to conduct this assessment — which we can’t even call an interview because although HR is viewing there is no inter-action with anyone. It’s just your bit stream and a recording and some software and hardware, saving the employer the cost of deploying a human to judge you.

If your data doesn’t match the template the employer uses to match job candidates, the recruiting process ends. A quick look at the employer’s website reveals that “People are our most important asset!”

Read the Washington Post article:

A face-scanning algorithm increasingly decides whether you deserve the job

“It’s pseudoscience. It’s a license to discriminate,” she added. “And the people whose lives and opportunities are literally being shaped by these systems don’t have any chance to weigh in.”

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