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We have the privilege of exploring work and career challenges our clients are experiencing on a daily basis. We collaborate with clients to find workable and cost sensitive solutions to contract disputes, severance negotiations, general employment conflicts and office politics, compensation and employment discrimination, without resort to litigation.

Working as an Employment Attorney in Connecticut

In our role as employment attorneys we wear many hats. We are the coaches that provide the leadership, skills and direction in handling client work issues. We are the client’s personal Human Resource Director, providing quick answers about company policies, employment benefits and compensation. We also act as the legal counselor, listening without judgment and providing an objective response based on the facts, the law and the client’s reasonable expectations. We are Task Masters, in that we handle each and every aspect of employment litigation and appellate work. Finally, we are the story tellers of our client’s personalized narrative to the company, the court and the jury.

We empower clients to embrace work and career challenges that exist just slightly outside their comfort zones. We believe growth and adversity are good for the soul. Finally, the playing field of work is always level, it just depends on your perception and where you derive your knowledge of how to succeed.

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If you feel you are being discriminated against in the workplace, wrongfully discharged, sexually harassed or if you are stuck in a hostile working environment, have an employment contract or severance agreement to be reviewed, we want to help. Give us a call today at (203) 255-4150 and speak with one of our experienced employment attorneys to discuss how we can help you with your case. We help clients located in New York, Manhattan, Connecticut and nationwide with their current employment situations.

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Why Won’t Men Pay Women More?

Unequal pay is an important concern for women in the workplace. According to a Pew Research survey, working women report that that equal pay is the top issue for them.  Although under the Obama administration significant progress was made in enacting policies and...

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Paying Employees Not to Compete is Better Than Suing Them

If your employer paid you not to compete against it instead of suing you, that would be a good deal?  I was reading an article  recently which contained a comment reflecting a very different approach to noncompetition agreements, as discussed below. Noncompetition...

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What is Severance Pay Based On?

So, you’ve been laid off. Your soon-to-be previous employer has handed you a packet of documents outlining your severance package and you have a ton of questions. Should you sign your severance agreement now? Should you take the time to look it over? What does all of...

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What Does an Employment Lawyer Do?

We all know that a divorce lawyer can help you reach an agreement in dissolving your marriage, a personal injury attorney can help you reach a settlement in a car accident and an employment attorney can represent you when you’re fired from your job. Right? To an...

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