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Our Connecticut & New York Employment Law Attorneys have the privilege of exploring the work and career challenges our clients face every day.  We collaborate with clients to find realistic and cost-effective solutions that do not involve litigation. Although we litigate every day, we strongly encourage clients and employers to talk through their contract disputes, severance negotiations, employment discrimination and the like before considering litigation.

In our roles as Connecticut & New York Employment Law Attorneys, we wear many hats. We are the private coaches who provide leadership and direction to resolve client employment issues. We also act as our client’s personal human resource director, providing quick answers about company policies, benefits, and compensation. We are task masters in our handling of each and every aspect of the clients’ employment litigation and appellate work.  Finally, we are the storytellers of our clients personalized narrative to the company, the court and ultimately the jury.

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If you feel you are being discriminated against in the workplace, wrongfully discharged, sexually harassed or if you are stuck in a hostile working environment, have an employment contract or severance agreement to be reviewed, we want to help. Give Carey & Associates, P.C. a call today at (203) 255-4150 and speak with one of our Connecticut & New York Employment Law Attorneys to discuss how we can help you with your case or email us at info@capclaw.com. We help clients located in New York, Manhattan, Westchester County, Connecticut, Fairfield County, and nationwide with their current employment situations.

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Meet Our Team

Mark Carey

Managing Partner — Employment Law Attorney

Mark Carey is an Employment Law Attorney and has extensive experience in federal and state court litigation, trial practice and appellate practice. He has seen just about every possible employment situation you can imagine, including #metoo cases from both genders.  He is passionate about helping people cope with difficult work situations and finding a grateful smile at the end of every case.

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Elizabeth Swedock

Associate Attorney -- Employment Law Attorney

Elizabeth is an Employment Law Attorney representing clients in a variety of matters, including employment-related disputes and contract disputes.

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Patrick Klingman

Of Counsel -- Employment Law Attorney

Patrick is a seasoned litigator with over twenty years’ experience in a wide array of Commercial Litigation matters and Employment Law.

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Frances Codd Slusarz

Associate Attorney -- Employment Law Attorney

Fran Slusarz has more than 15 years’ experience as an Employment Lawyer and commercial litigator.

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Susan Seyfried

Paralegal Office Manager

Susan brings a diverse array of experience to the law firm of Carey & Associates, P.C. Susan has 15+ years of experience working at leading law firms in the tri-state area.

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Christopher S. Avcollie

Associate Attorney -- Employment Law Attorney

Christopher S. Avcollie concentrates his practice in the areas of Employment Law and litigation.

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Kirsten Schneider

Of Counsel

Kirsten Schneider is a seasoned litigator with nearly twenty years’ experience in civil litigation matters. For the last ten plus years her focus has been solely in employment law.

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“Mark was instrumental in obtaining a positive result in negotiations with my employer. His advice was insightful, he responded very quickly when documents need to be changed, and his knowledge of employment law was a useful resource. I would highly recommend Attorney Mark Carey to anyone undertaking employee/employer negotiations on either side of the table.”


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