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Mark P. Carey

Managing Partner & Employment Law Attorney

Mark P. Carey has been an employment law litigation attorney since 1997, representing employees and executives. Employment law is all Mark does and he is very passionate about this wide area of the law. His sole focus is to solve complicated employment issues for his clients and to do so without litigation.

Mark P. Carey has had profound experiences representing clients over the years. Our clients let us into their personal and professional lives at a time they are most vulnerable.  We step into their beings and begin to discover what it is like to experience willful discrimination and retaliation.  We unravel the details and peer into the nuances between the facts. The most remarkable moments arrive when the client is told they are victims of abusive professional relationships. We try to move the client through the gauntlet of their human emotions to arrive at an end point where they can walk away free of the encumbrances that were thrust upon them by their employers. However, in the event the employer is just not on the same page as our clients, litigating cases in state and federal court is what Mark P. Carey does. 

Mark P. Carey is married to Heather Carey, MS, a culinary nutritionist, who he shares an adjacent office and studio kitchen space with.


Syracuse University 1990, Political Science
University of Dayton School of Law 1996, Employment Law


District of Connecticut
Eastern District of New York
Northern District of New York
Southern District of New York
Northern District of Florida
Second Circuit Court of Appeals
Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals


Raymond E. Baldwin American Inns of Court
Connecticut Employment Lawyers Association
National Employment Lawyers Association
American Bar Association

Federal Bar Council

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Personal Interests:

Mark P. Carey is an avid beekeeper, outdoor enthusiast, and cyclist.  He shares a common love of gardening with his wife Heather Carey and is a sous chef-in-training under Heather’s direction.

Published Blog Posts

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