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Purchase Employee Survival Guides: Valuable Insights Without Legal Fees

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There is a great deal of information for employers regarding all things employment, but there is very little information for employees to trust and rely on to protect their jobs, contract negotiation or how to effectively deal with employment discrimination. Until now, the Employee Survival Guide® website resolves that issue and gives you the strategy and tools necessary to advocate and protect your employment rights without using an attorney. Each guide can be purchased for $75.00, an enormous savings, with valuable pro tips for you to use today.

The Employee Survival Guide® website was created by Mark Carey after 26 years litigating employment cases for employees and executives. The simple focus is to give you access to the right information you need right now but without the heavy expense of lawyer fees. Mark condenses years of practice experience into easy to absorb nonlawyer talk so you can make decisions that benefit you and your career.

The informative website currently offers the Guide to Beating Performance Improvement Plans (PIPs) and the Guide to Negotiating Severance Agreements.  We will continue to add brand new guides to the site based on current employer practices and legal developments so that you can get ahead in your employment, resolve nasty employment disputes, and tilt the table in your favor and against your employer.

As aways, we tell you what your employer does not want you to know about and more. 

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