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Employment Law Litigation

The firm provides litigation representation in state and federal courts, located in Connecticut, Manhattan and New York, to employees and executives related to various employment law topics. Mark is a seasoned litigation and trial attorney. He is also an appellate attorney and will represent the client through the appeal stage of the case. He has comprehensive knowledge regarding many employment law matters and is ready to handle a variety of cases, both large and small.

Typical Cases:

1. Employment Discrimination

  • Title VII (sexual harassment, gender discrimination)

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  • Age Discrimination

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NEW Proposed Federal Legislation Act

  • Retaliation Discrimination

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  • Pregnancy Discrimination

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  • Racial and National Origin Discrimination

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  • Family Medical Leave Act

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  • Disability Discrimination (ADA, Rehabilitation Act)

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  • Short & Long Term Disability (ERISA)

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  • Religious Discrimination

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  • Free Speech Discrimination

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2. Wage & Hour Laws (Fair Labor Standards Act)


3. Breach of Contract (both oral and written agreements)

Employees and Executives are generally employed on an at-will basis, meaning either party can terminate the employment relationship at any time and with little or no notice. You can have an written at-will employment agreement, one with no specific duration, which identifies other provisions such as severance, job duties, salary, bonus, incentive compensation.

Every contract must have an offer and an acceptance, and the promise to performance and to pay for the performance is the consideration.

A breach will occur when one either the employee or employer commit a material breach of the agreement. Please note, minor breaches will not be enough to void the agreement. If you encounter a breach, you need to provide written notice to the other party and demand they perform according to the agreement. Only when the other party continues to remain in breach can the other party seek enforcement in Court or Arbitration.

Oral Contract Defined

4. Wrongful Termination

A wrongful termination occurs every single time a discrimination claim occurs or a breach of contract occurs.


5. Non-Compete and Non-Solicitation Agreement

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6. Confidentiality and Trade Secrete Agreements


7. Pension & Retirement Benefits


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Mark P. Carey, P.C. is an Employment Law and Executive Compensation law firm in Southport, Connecticut. Mark practices in the federal courts in Connecticut, New York (Albany Area, Westchester Area, Long Island and Manhattan) and throughout the country where necessary on a case by case basis.

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