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Intake Process

If you would like to discuss your case, please use the form below or call the office directly. 

Our intake process begins with your confidential phone call to the office, where you will speak with an attorney for fifteen minutes. We will immediately ask you detailed questions in order to gain an understanding of your legal situation.  Next, we will invite you to send us a confidentially written narrative wherein you discuss your employment issue.  Based on the initial call and the narrative, we will decide whether to schedule a consultation with you.  Our consultations typically last one to two hours and are charged at our normal hourly rates. After meeting with you, we will decide whether or not to accept your case.

If you need an immediate response, we highly suggest you call the office and speak with an attorney. We are comfortable handling Friday and Monday terminations on the fly. We typically give employers a notice of claims the same day of termination, schedules permitting.

For general inquiries, contact us here:

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