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In this episode of the Employee Survival Guide, Mark shares a real life story about a successful executive who lost his voice box and his career.   Mark guides us   through the initial stages of the employee’s successful career until he was diagnosed with throat cancer.   Once the employee lost his ability to speak, his employer intentionally discriminated against the employee in an attempt to force him to quick his job. The employee took a leave of absence under the ADA and the FMLA and was able to reach a successful settlement with the employer.   Mark notes the employee was able to carve out of the settlement the employee’s ongoing short and long term disability benefits; he did not waive his claims for STD and LTD benefits.   Mark then describes the difficulty and illegal actions taken by the disability benefits insurance carrier to claim the employee had an anxiety disability and not a physical disability, the loss of his voice box.   Mark describes the administrative process the employee followed to eventually obtain an award for LTD benefits for his physical disability, the loss of his voice box.   Mark concludes by summarizing the multi-layered process that every employee must follow to deal with employment discrimination and unlawful actions by a disability carrier to deny disability benefits.   The employee successfully complained of employment discrimination, obtained a sizable settlement and then proceeded to challenge his disability benefits denial and won.   All of these actions were accomplished without the need for filing a lawsuit or costly litigation in court.

The Employee Survival Guide is a podcast only for employees. We will share with you all the information your employer does not want you to know about and guide you through various important employment law issues. The goal of the Employee Survival Guide podcast is to provide you with critical insights about your employment and give you the confidence to protect your job and career, especially during difficult times.


The Employee Survival Guide podcast is hosted by seasoned Employment Law Attorney Mark Carey, who has only practiced in the area of Employment Law for the past 25 years.   Mark has seen just about every type of employment dispute there is, including the man who lost his voice box and his career, and has filed several hundred lawsuits in state and federal courts around the country, including class action suits.   He has a no frills and blunt approach to employment issues faced by millions of workers nationwide. Mark endeavors to provide both sides to each and every issue discussed on the podcast so you can make an informed decision.


The Employee Survival Guide podcast is just different than other lawyer podcasts! How?   Mark hates lawyer speak used by lawyers and just prefers to talk using normal everyday language understandable to everyone, not just a few.   This podcast is for employees only because no one has considered conveying employment information directly to employees, especially information their employers do not want them to know about.   Mark is not interested in the gross distortion and default systems propagated by all employers, but targets the employers intentions, including discriminatory animus, designed to make employees feel helpless and underrepresented within each company.   Company’s have human resource departments which only serve to protect the employer. You as an employee have nothing!   Well, now you have the Employee Survival Guide to deal with your employer.

Through the use of quick discussions about individual employment law topics, Mark easily provides the immediate insight you need to make important decisions.   Mark also uses dramatizations based on real cases he has litigated to explore important employment issues from the employee’s perspective.   Both forms used in the podcast allow the listener to access employment law issues without all the fluff used by many lawyers.

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