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By Mark Carey

It dawned on me this morning that I have never really asked the 20,000 people on our blog list what you all think about the articles we are writing every week and the associated podcast episodes.  For the past 17 or so years, we have been producing insightful and informative articles to help you better understand the complexity of employment and constitutional law issues that surround us every day at work. Our point of view is from the trenches, armed in dystopian combat, not some lofty ivory tower.  Our approach is neutral, straight down the middle but veering off to one side occasionally when the issue is obvious.  Topics range from severance negotiations, forced arbitration, to asserting first amendment rights outside of work.

Yes, my intentions are very clear. I enjoy stirring the pot regarding employment issues, because I can and because there is just too little discussion about this enormous time expenditure we call working.  If you get something out of our articles that helps you deal with work issues or as attorneys (and there are a lot of you on this list) (and honorable guests) we help you expand the scope of view on employment law, then let us know what you think.  This morning’s epiphany was really a question. What are other people thinking about the same topics we are writing about?  Speech is free, express your opinion and get the discussion going. You can bet I will write about the responses you all provide.

We invite you to let us know by a variety of ways.  All of the responses will help us understand what is important to you and what is not.

Hey, you can even pick up the phone and call me directly at the office (203) 255-4150.

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Have a great weekend!

Regards, Mark Carey

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