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We all know that a divorce lawyer can help you reach an agreement in dissolving your marriage, a personal injury attorney can help you reach a settlement in a car accident and an employment attorney can represent you when you’re fired from your job. Right? To an extent “ employment attorneys help employees with so much more than wrongful termination. So, what do employment attorneys do?


Employment attorneys control the relationship between employers and employees. We make sure that employers maintain their side of the employment agreement in accordance with state and federal laws, and we make sure employees maintain their side of the employment agreement as well. There’s a lot more that goes into employment law than wrongful termination cases. At  Carey & Associates, P.C.  our employment attorneys represent employees and counsel them through the legal process, whatever it may be.


We help employees in Connecticut, New York and Manhattan with a wide array of employment law issues. We have met with and counseled hundreds of employees through their own unique situations, but here are some of the most common cases our employment attorneys face:

  • Severance Negotiation “  When you’re laid off from a job you’re often offered a severance package. What most employees do not know is this can often be negotiated. If you’re thinking to yourself, œCan I get more money out of this? our only question to you is, what leverage do you have? In most cases, our  severance negotiation attorneys  can help you negotiate a higher severance package.
  • Disability Benefits “    We represent employees applying for short-term disability and long-term disability benefits. Our employment attorneys in Connecticut have successfully litigated against many major insurance carriers to help our clients get the benefits they deserve.
  • Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) “  Imagine this: you are diagnosed with a severe illness and need to take time off of work to treat it, but your employer will not grant you the time off so you face losing your job. Terrible, right? We think so. We use our extensive knowledge in the FMLA and ERISA to fight for our clients.
  • Non-Compete Agreements  “  When you are hired on at a new company, chances are they are going to require you to sign a non-compete agreement or non-disclosure agreement. That’s all good and well, right? Wrong. Often times, employees want to leave the firm for another opportunity and their employer is coming after them because of the non-compete agreement. We help employees make the right decision before they sign.


What Does an Employment Lawyer Do? If you’re an employee in Connecticut, Manhattan or New York and want to speak with one of our employment attorneys about your unique situation, contact  Carey & Associates PC at 203-255-4150.   We believe in educating our clients about their options and letting them decide which path they want to take in their legal journey. That’s why we offer free phone consultations to discuss what issues you are facing, what end goal you have in mind and what we can do to help you reach that goal.

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