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Carey Reaches 2000 Miles toward his 10,000 Mile Goal for a Cure for Multiple Sclerosis

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On April 12, 2021, I set out to ride my 2000th  mile toward my solo journey to 10,000 miles in a year for a cure of Multiple Sclerosis.   I have could not have picked the worst day to ride weather wise.   The rain and wind pelted my sore body early on in the ride, but I still had 32 miles to go.   I could not turn back, just as I could not turn back on my 10,000 mile ride for an MS Cure. At the end, I swear I felt hypothermic, as the temperature dipped into the low forties; I was soaked to the bone.   Once you buy into this sort of thing, the only thing that will stop you is an injury or an accident.   I have the injuries, but fortunately no accidents.   In addition to the hard rain that day, my legs are still recovering from high altitude training (10,000 feet above sea level) from three weeks prior.  At my age, the body feels the pain longer than when I was younger, but again, no turning back.   My cause is greater and matched by my persistence to succeed.

In case you are wondering how I can ride this many miles in a week, here’s a little peak into the madness that is required to ride a stationary trainer, Peloton bike, and the wide open hilly roads of Connecticut for 10,000 miles in a year. My total current elevation gained is 22,192 feet, by comparison Mount Everest is 29,032 feet tall.    I initially started hammering out 30 mile rides at a time multiplied by five rides a week (schedule is 27 miles a day for 365 days).   But given I started the journey on January 10, I started out in a deficit by nearly several hundred miles. I began doing what I call double doubles, where rides would last 60 and in one case 80 miles in one day.   Either I would ride the morning and evening, 30 miles a piece, or just bang out a cool 60-80 miles.   That’s four plus hours on a bike; this is no small feat of psychological and physical endurance.   I occasionally take a day off just when I can’t think of riding another mile due to fatigue.    Fortunately, I have experienced less pain as the miles have piled on.  Part of me starts to think about doing this every year, but the jury is still out.   Today, I average 40-50 miles per ride, as my base training is completed and now I am just racking up mile after mile after mile etc.

Please make a donation today and  BUY MILES  for this worthy cause!  Donate a $1.00!  I need your donations to continue riding, no I am not kidding.   Right now I have raised $4101.00.  Show your support to help cure Multiple Sclerosis, put more gas is in the tank and I can ride for more miles.   I need your help,  donate today  and use this link

Thank you in advance for your support!   Ride on!

Mark Carey

Carey Reaches 2000 Miles toward his 10,000 Mile Goal for a Cure for Multiple Sclerosis