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By Mark Carey

I believe that people should be allowed the opportunity to manage themselves and take responsibility and control for their work situations. Instead of constantly looking behind their backs see when and if the company bus is going to run them over.   I agree that if you do not take responsibility for your own productivity, motivation, and professionalism, then you should be managed by others- until the day when you realize you can control your work life.   I believe people sometimes get stuck in their own inner feeling of fear of pushing themselves to succeed to do what they internally believe they are capable of.   I am sympathetic about overbearing supervisors and office politics, but to a point.

You need to begin thinking and acting like a person who works for themselves; one has responsibility for everything in the office from the mailing to client rainmaking.   Changing your outlook to realize that if you do not perform the task you will not get paid by the client or customer.   In doing so, you will become more realistic about your behaviors, bad habits and poor attitude. Outwardly, coworkers will begin to see you as the go to person who hustles! Who can complain about a coworker who gives a 115% to the job on a daily basis- and who appears to be having fun doing it.
But what stops you from succeeding to be what you want to be at work and to control work without worrying about what your boss or coworkers think about you?

You can control your work and your employment. Contact our employment lawyers Connecticut at 203-255-4150 Carey & Associates PC and we can discuss how to get you moving forward in the right direction!