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Podcast:The Most Shocking Sexual Harassment Case Ever: Interview With Reporter Susan Antilla

In this episode of the Employee Survival Guide, Mark addresses one of the worst possible sexual harassment and sexual assault stories that has ever occurred in the workplace. Mark interviews veteran news reporter and author Susan Antilla, NYTimes and Insider, who broke the story.  It is just shocking what happened to Renee Zinsky and other women who worked for this employer.

The case is captioned as Renee Zinsky v. Michael Russin, Russin Financial, Russin Group, Simon Arias, III, Arias Agencies, S.A. Arias Holdings, LLC, American Income Life Insurance Compay, W.D. Pa. 2:22cv00547 (MJH) (filed 11/1/2022).

The ramifications of the story are begining to impact this company and its reputation.

The interview, article and the complaint just speak for themselves. It is just a remarkable and dramatic tale of insanity of a magnitude Mark has never seen before in his entire legal career, and he has seen a lot of crap go down with clients and their workplaces.

Link to Blog article Mark wrote about this story and internal link to the Insider story written by Susan Antilla.  CLICK HERE.

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