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image for The Worst Sexual Harassment Story Ever!

By Mark Carey

I am not kidding when I say this, but I have found the worst possible sexual harassment and sexual assault story that ever occurred. I do not publish anything unless it has some value and this case takes the cake. A story was just published in Insider magazine entitled Inside The Tawdry, Drug-fueled, Violent World of America’s Top Life Insurance Salesman.   There is a follow up article published today, read HERE.   I have included the actual Amended Complaint for your reading pleasure.

Zinsky Amended Complaint

The case is captioned Renee Zinsky v. Michael Russin, Russin Financial, Russin Group, Simon Arias, III, Arias Agencies, S.A. Arias Holdings, LLC, American Income Life Insurance Compay, W.D. Pa. 2:22cv00547 (MJH) (filed 11/1/2022).

The ramifications of the story are begining to impact this company and its reputation.

Although this story involves independent contractors and how these “non-employees” are abused by companies like American Income Life Insurance Company, the case is really a sexual harassment and sexual assault case.   The article and the complaint just speak for themselves and you do not need me to do the play by play here.   It is just a remarkable dramatic tale of insanity of a magnitude I have never seen before in my entire career, and I have seen a lot of crap go down with clients and their workplaces.

Enjoy the read.

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