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Podcast: Nearly 60% of U.S. Has Had Covid-19 and Now Have a Disability

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In this episode of the Employee Survival Guide, Mark discloses the unspoken impact of the pandemic. The following statement is going to surprise you.   There are an estimated 191,796,906 people living in the U.S. who have a disability called Covid-19. (The CDC has reported that  61 million adults  in the U.S. live with a disability, but it is unclear if this number includes Covid-19 infections).   This includes both individuals who have “recovered” from Covid-19 and those with long-haul Covid-19.

If nearly 60% of the U.S. population has a disability, then Covid-19 has also become a mass-equalization event.   The disease affects all races, genders, ages, nationalities.   Yes, now 60% of all of you have something in common, Covid-19, and you all live with a shared experience that may transform how you think about one another.   It may be difficult to dislike someone who has something in common with you.   Covid-19 may just be the one event where we all look at each other equally, not clouded by some form of bias associated with skin color, sexual orientation, gender, age, nationality, political affiliation, wealth group etc.

But explores a darker truth about post-Covid-19 infection, the U.S. Government does not recognize all recovered Covid-19 patients as having a physical nor mental disability under the Americans With Disabilities Act and the Rehabilitation Act of 1973.    To recognize this situation would cost insurance companies, employers and the U.S. Government billions in disabilities benefits.   Mark will explore this dark truth in a follow up episode.  

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