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Last night I hopped on my indoor cycling trainer and embarked on a butt busting 70 mile ride. In case you are wondering, there is no coasting on a trainer, spin spin spin …   I started at 9 pm after dinner and got off the bike at 1:15 am. Yes, that’s how long it takes to ride 70 miles indoors.   Why?   Well, why not? We are trying to cure Multiple Sclerosis here! At 1 am, my mileage said that I just passed 1,000 miles since January 10, 2020, the day I started.   I have my routine down, I developed my long haul legs again and I can see the end of 10,000 miles in the distance.

What are you waiting for?   I implore you to make a donation today and  BUY MILES  for this worthy cause!   I need your donations to continue riding, no I am not kidding.   Right now I have raised $2,385, that means the gas is in the tank and I can ride for 1385 more miles.   I need your help,  donate today  and use this link

On February 15, 2021, I received an email from those very smart people at BioNTech. Yes, I sent an email to them inquiring about the start of human trials after they announced they found a cure for MS in mice using the RNA technology; the same technology they used to cure Covid-19.   Here’s what BioNTech said,

The study mentioned is currently still in the pre-clinical phase. We are not yet able to provide information on the start of recruitment for patients, but it is expected to start in 2-3 years. As soon as BioNTech will start studies in further indications, you will be able to view this information on  and on BioNTech’s homepage…  As soon as BioNTech initiates a new clinical trial, this information will be published on  and on the homepage of BioNTech.

Ugghhh, yes human trials do usually take 2-3 years and don’t be confused about how fast the Covid-19 vaccine was rolled out.   What this means is that I will continue to cycle 10,000+ miles every year for the next two to three years until that wonderful RNA science is injected into the arms of nearly 2.3 million people Worldwide who have been diagnosed with MS and the nearly 1 million people here in the United States, including those people close to me. (Source).   You can help by  BUYING MILES  from me through your donations.   Your dollars will be sent to BioNTech through the National MS Society to help finish this thing once and for all!   What are you waiting for?

Carey Reaches 2000 Miles toward his 10,000 Mile Goal for a Cure for Multiple Sclerosis