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Practice Areas

Employment Law Litigation

Mark P. Carey P.C. provides litigation representation in state and federal courts to individual clients and employers on employment law topics. Mark is a seasoned litigation and trial attorney. He is also an appellate attorney and will represent the client through the appeal stage of the case. He has comprehensive knowledge regarding many employment law matters and is ready to handle a variety of cases, both large and small.

Typical Cases:

1. Employment Discrimination
•Title VII (sexual harassment, gender discrimination)
•Age Discrimination
•Pregnancy Discrimination
•Racial and National Origin Discrimination
•Family Medical Leave Act
•Disability Discrimination (ADA, Rehabilitation Act)
•Short & Long Term Disability (ERISA)
2. Wage & Hour Laws (Fair Labor Standards Act)
3. Breach of Contract (both oral and written agreements)
4. Wrongful Termination
5. Non-Compete and Non-Solicitation Agreements
6. Confidentiality and Trade Secrete Agreements
7. Pension & Retirement Benefits

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Severance Negotiation

Mark P. Carey P.C. provides comprehensive severance representation to executives and employees. Severance negotiation involves understanding each party’s respective interests, expectations, legal positions, and financial incentives. This is a business transaction and should not be confused with a legal battle. The end result is a complete waiver and release of all claims up to the date of the executed agreement. Severance negotiation involves facets of contract law, compensation law, employment law, alternative dispute resolution and negotiation methods.


Executive Compensation Practice

Mark P. Carey P.C. provides a comprehensive and unique client driven approach to Executive Compensation representation. Your goals become our expectations and the firm will personally guide you through each step of the process. Because we regularly monitor the compensation market, we provide current compensation data and information. We utilize a peer and industry analysis compensation database, to evaluate the competitiveness of any offer. We also conduct an extensive financial, tax and legal analysis of targeted companies. The firm’s representation will follow the client from the pre-offer stage, through employment and the renegotiation/exit stage. As the client builds a trusting relationship with the new employer, the firm seeks to create a mutually fulfilling and long lasting relationship with the client.

Whistle Blower Claims

If you believe you have witnessed fraudulent behavior within your company or your company conducts business or interacts with the United States Government directly or indirectly, the following information will explain what you can do.  There are also state whistle blower laws that protect your employment if you file a claim internally with the company or externally with the state government.


Restrictive Covenant Agreements

Most executives and employees are familiar with covenants not to compete, nonsolicitation and confidentiality and their broad reach and control. Obtaining an understanding of a non-compete agreement, and other restrictive agreements, is a critical and essential. These agreements can have an adverse impact on the executive’s and employee’s ability to earn a living post employment with the previous employer. Failure to obtain a clear and concise understanding of these restrictive agreements can result in an extreme financial hardship, i.e. preemption of a lucrative employment contract or employment  following the departure from the previous employer.


Disability Pension Benefits

Mark P. Carey P.C. provides representation to employees who are applying for short and long term disability benefits. Mark has successfully litigated against almost all the major carriers under the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA).  Mark understands ERISA and not many lawyers do.   Once you know ERISA, it is second nature. So all you have to do is talk to Mark and he will take care of the case.