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Podcast: Workplace Stress and Your Health – Interview With Heather Carey

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The Surgeon General recently released an extensive Report on the state of workplace health and well-being that was not very favorable to employers. The report emphasized the chronic stress that is prevalent in workplace culture, and employees are paying the price. Chronic stress from the work environment can have a myriad of physical and health consequences.  

On the podcast, I pull in an expert on the nutrition and wellness, Heather Carey (who, full disclosure, happens to also be my wife). Heather is a nationally recognized culinary nutritionist and chef. Together, we have many thoughts about how chronic stress can be improved.

In This Episode Mark Talks to Heather About:

The impact that daily chronic stress has on our health and the lifestyle diseases that result because of it; the seemingly simple things employers can do to help stress at work; what, exactly, causes workplace stress, and if employers are responsible for helping employees.

Click HERE to find out more about Heather Carey and her Healthy Online Cooking Classes for your corporate wellness program.

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