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Podcast: What Happens In The 30,000-Foot Office Stays At The Office Or Maybe Not!

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In this episode of the Employee Survival Guide, Mark discusses the high flying executive jet work environments and the bad actor executives who work there.  In the end, narcistic executives cannot escape the reach of sexual harassment laws, even at 30,000 feet in the air.  Flight attendants are protected by both state and federal laws against employment discrimination, including sexual harassment and hostile work environments.  

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Hey, it’s Mark here and welcome to the next edition of the Employee Survival Guide where I tell you what your employer does not want to know about and a lot more. Today we’re gonna talk about what happens in the 30,000 foot office stays at the office, or maybe it doesn’t. Welcome to the private world of billionaire executives in their 30,000 foot office environments. You may be salivating right now envious of a luxury work environment. Hmm Yep, your working environment could be on board a private Bombardier global 6000 You can take a tour if you go to our website you can find the link has room for 14 passengers. Seven can sleep at nighttime, in fly as high as 51,000 feet a top speed of 564 miles per hour is the height and speed of the office environment out of reach of state and federal laws covering the employees who work on these flight Tech’s for some wealthy executives they think so. But the reality is like a double bite in the ass by a pitbull. It has to hurt as a flavor primer. I think it is appropriate to start with a story of the late Sumner Redstone and his high flying antics. On December 31 2016, The New York Post reported a story on some news requests to flight attendants working on his corporate jet to clip his toenails for cash. But there was one catch. They had to sit on his lap facing his toes. Do you have the visual now? Well, he got worse. He would ask for their panties in exchange for money. A true quid pro quo. Or you could be flying with former Governor Cuomo on his jet. Sitting eat and eat and he blurts out the following craze. Let’s play strip poker. You can see that full story on our website regarding one of his complainers who eventually Her story is accurate and he’s now resigned as the governor a serious but your article about quote why really smart executives do really stupid things. appeared in The Wall Street Journal on February 25 2022. Professor, Rosabeth Moss Kanter, a Harvard Business School professor who opined about the costs of the this stupidity, and she remarked that the falling causes are at issue that the executives feel insulated. They feel entitled, they’re buying their own hype. Failure to admit mistakes and under estimating their opponents. Professor cancer said quote, it’s amazing how easy it is for top executives to feel they have a cloak of invisibility, even if they operate in the public eye. Self confidence can veer into arrogance. If an executive isn’t careful, surrounded by flatterers, exaggerating the brilliance of their words, top officials can start feeling superior to the mere mortals below them. They have incentives or punishments to dangle that can inspire fear and keep people in line. It can be hard for some people at the top to say I was wrong, which is why misconduct often continues and requires covering up. Sometimes executives don’t want to admit flaws even to themselves. Fearing it could lead to second guessing of other decisions they’ve made. They might know they are breaking a rule but delude themselves into thinking that the rule doesn’t apply to exactly to their situation. They tell themselves it’s consensual. It’s just harmless banter. It’ll be over soon. Whatever the excuse, they cling to avoid having to express self doubt. In short, life is different at the top. Without great strength of character, humility, and wielding power, openness and transparency. top executives can forget that the rules apply to them too. And quote, according to the association of flight attendants survey, there were 68% of flight attendants reported experiencing sexual harassment during their careers. 35% experienced verbal sexual harassment from passengers and 18% experienced physical sexual harassment from passengers. This survey involved commercial flight attendants, it may or may not reflect the work environment of flight attendants in the private high end jet travel work environment. The reality for these narcissistic and out of touch executives is that it does not matter where you work in the skies. Flight attendants are protected from employment discrimination, including sexual harassment and sexual hostile work environments. In the end, the emperor has no clothes, and don’t touch the personnel on board your private $61 million oasis in the sky. Thank you for listening. As always, please rate us on the app of your choice and talk to you next week. Thank you