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Podcast: “Oh, The Humanity!” The Human Cost of Vaccine Mandates

image for Podcast: “Oh, The Humanity!” The Human Cost of Vaccine Mandates

In this episode of the Employee Survival Guide, Mark explores the fall out of the vaccine mandate and employee religious beliefs.   “The core issue for me is: Are the employees requesting exemptions being considered a means to an end or as an end in themselves? If they are a means to an end, then placing them on indefinite unpaid leave and forcing as many as possible to get a vaccine they object to on religious grounds is a reasonable solution.   If however, they are an end in themselves, they must be treated as human beings and are entitled to individual dignity, consideration, and respect. Concern for their physical and mental well being is paramount. If United had asked this question first, then placing its employees on unpaid leave because they requested an accommodation provided by law would be out of the question.”

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