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image for Podcast: Marijuana Laws and the American Workplace

In this episode of the Employee Survival Guide ®, Mark discusses Marijuana Laws and the American Workplace.   Mark explores the proliferation of states legalizing marijuana (aka “weed”) and the interplay of medical and recreational weed use among employees.   He explores whether or not employers can ban weed use on and off the clock.   Mark discusses workplace safety and how that changes the dynamic of medical and recreational use of weed by employees.   He discusses drug testing and how the tests are not scientifically correlated to exactly when the employee used the weed, i.e. on or off the clock.   Mark then explores how the courts have handled employment cases involving marijuana use. Finally, Mark encourages both employers and employees to know the law before they make decisions to fire employees and before employees use marijuana off the clock so they do not jeopardize their employment.

Listen in and send Mark any comments you have. Free speech is welcomed here. Thank you.

This episode was written by Chris Avcollie, edited by Matt Zako, and produced by Mark Carey.

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