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Podcast: Fired or Laidoff What Company Information Can You Take With You and How to Do It?

In this episode of the Employee Survival Guide Mark discusses what things you can take and not take with you after being laid off or terminated for cause.   There is a common misperception among employees about what exactly an employer owns. Mark explains that work for hire means anything you do for the employer belongs to the employer. Many employers make employees sign Nondisclosure and Confidential Agreements to protect company information.  Listen and find out the quick and easy answers to this very real and large problem many employees experience.  The most important item companies cannot control is each employee’s individual intellectual property, i.e. their work experience and know how.

This episode was prompted by a Wall Street Journal article Mark read dated March 16, 2023 captioned: Worried About Layoffs? What Files You Can Take With You”and How to Do It

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