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Podcast: Feedback Responses to Cancel Culture is Illegal At Work2 min read

Podcast: Feedback Responses to Cancel Culture is Illegal At Work. In this episode of the Employee Survival Guide, Mark discusses the feedback responses he received from his first article and podcast Cancel Culture is Illegal At Work.

In response to my first article I received several angry email responses informing I was wrong about what is cancel culture and accused me of perpetuating whiteness. But none of the objections to the article provided a legal basis to support the continued use and protection of cancel culture at work. This is my point. Proponents of cancel culture are not even understanding the legal issues or just ignore them entirely in order to perpetuate their narrative. Social movements must have a footing in the rule of law, otherwise they do not and will not survive. Advocates of cancel culture never cite any legal basis to support its existence but for the fact it just “IS” and we should all heed to it.

But are we more racially tolerant today?

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