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Podcast: Employers Are Still Pushing Arbitration in Sex Discrimination Cases in Violation of Federal Law

Can employers really push for arbitration in sex discrimination cases, flouting federal laws? Join me, Mark, as we dissect this pressing concern and shed light on the ramifications of the Ending Forced Arbitration of Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment Act of 2021. Signed into law by President Biden, this legislation was supposed to be a beacon of hope, but in reality, many employers and their legal teams continue to demand arbitration, blatantly violating the law. We’ll also unravel the expansive definition of sexual harassment under the Act, which covers all forms of sex-based and gender-based discrimination, including sexual orientation and pregnancy discrimination. Through my personal encounters and legal confrontations, I underscore the importance of understanding and asserting your rights.

The hidden complexities and inherent pitfalls of arbitration often turn it into a daunting ordeal for employees. Corporations are not shy about leveraging arbitration to protect bad actors and manipulate outcomes in their favor. This episode is your guide to recognizing these corporate tactics, so you’re better equipped to navigate these challenges. By staying informed and vigilant, we can collectively challenge unlawful practices and ensure that justice prevails. Tune in to gain the knowledge and empowerment you need to protect your rights in the workplace.


How to Manage Sexual Harassment Cases After the Federal Ban on Forced Arbitration

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