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New York City Sexual Orientation and Transgender (LGBTQ) Lawyers

New York City enjoys a dynamic economy because of its welcoming attitude toward all workers, including those who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning. No worker should suffer discrimination on the job due to their sexual orientation or gender identity. Please call Carey & Associates, P.C., today to discuss whether you have been discriminated against or harassed. New York City workers enjoy powerful protections against this illegal conduct, and our New York City sexual orientation and transgender (LGBTQ) lawyer can explain more in a one-on-one consultation.

Laws Protecting Workers

Various laws protect LGBTQ Workers in New York City, including:

  • Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. This federal law protects against sex discrimination in employment. A recent Supreme Court decision explained that this protection also extends to lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender individuals.
  • Sexual Orientation Non-Discrimination Act. This 2002 law outlawed sexual orientation discrimination in New York state, putting sexual orientation discrimination on par with other types of discrimination, like age discrimination.
  • The New York City Human Rights Law. The city’s law is the most protective of all, and one you might lean on when making out a case for illegal discrimination or harassment.

Call Carey & Associates, P.C., to talk with a New York City sexual orientation and transgender (LGBTQ) lawyer about whether you have a valid legal case against an employer under one of the above laws.

Workplace Discrimination

Employers in New York City may not discriminate against LGBTQ individuals in employment. This prohibition covers all aspects of employment, including:

  • Hiring
  • Promotion
  • Demotion
  • Termination
  • Setting of pay or benefits
  • Job training opportunities

For example, an employer cannot target you for termination because of your gender identity or sexual orientation. Of course, few employers will come right out and admit it. Typically, we need to search for useful evidence, like emails or notes regarding your gender identity.

We have seen discrimination in all sorts of industries. For example, even industries with a high percentage of out gay and lesbian employees might nonetheless discriminate against transgender or nonbinary workers. Trust your instincts. Do you suspect you’ve been discriminated against? Schedule a consultation with our firm. We want to hear your story.

Harassment Based on Gender Identity or Sexual Orientation

Workplace harassment is also protected. Antidiscrimination laws treat harassment as illegally changing the terms of employment, which no worker should have to suffer. Harassment often takes many forms and can include:

  • Name calling or insults
  • Offensive jokes
  • Ridicule
  • Mimicry or mockery
  • Verbal threats
  • Threatening gestures

Offensive conduct is often targeted at LGBTQ employees. However, the workplace can be hostile even if you are not specifically targeted. For example, a coworker could mock and ridicule lesbians generally even without insulting you personally. The environment might still be oppressive for an LGBTQ worker.

LGBTQ harassment can also include other types of harassment, such as racial or sexual. Let your attorney know about any type of offensive name calling or epithets.

An employer is strictly liable when a supervisor harasses a worker. They could also be liable if you complain but they refuse to take corrective measures to make the harassment stop.

Retaliation Against Workers

The law also protects against retaliation. If you complain about LGBTQ discrimination or harassment, your employer cannot retaliate by cutting your pay or hours or even by terminating you. You are protected if you participate in an investigation. The protection against retaliation is necessary to give workers the confidence to speak out and challenge this discriminatory conduct.

Why You Need Our Assistance

Individuals who suffer discrimination often have many questions. Some aren’t entirely sure if they really are the victim of harassment or discrimination. It’s beneficial to meet with an experienced lawyer to get an outside perspective.

Carey & Associates, P.C. can meet to review:

  • Why you suspect harassment or discrimination;
  • The strength of the evidence, as well as what evidence might bolster your claim;
  • Whether you have complained through proper channels at work;
  • Which remedies available, including backpay and compensatory damages.

Ideally, you will reach out right away. We never share with your employer the details of our consultations. However, certain deadlines apply to these cases.

If hired, we can file an administrative charge of discrimination or (depending on the facts) head into court and file a lawsuit. We can also negotiate with an employer for fair compensation.

LGBTQ workers make fantastic contributions to the NYC economy. Employers must protect the rights of all employees, without exception. Please call Carey & Associates, P.C. today to meet with a lawyer at our firm, (914) 705-5427. Let’s fight LGBTQ discrimination together.

Client Testimonials

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Mark and his team at Carey & Associates are incredibly knowledgeable about Employment Law and have walked me through every step of the way. Their approach and guidance has been extremely effective in dealing with my case. They instill a sense of confidence by laying out the facts, caselaw, and risk assessment to help make well informed decisions. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for an Employment Attorney.


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