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What is a reasonable settlement offer?

What is a reasonable settlement offer?

What is a reasonable settlement offer? It depends on the nature of your claims, your income and your employer.  You can only determine a reasonable settlement offer being offered by your employer once you have an employment attorney review your facts.  Do not be fooled, employment attorneys have more experience and provide the immediate targeting advice you need to make this important decision. Whether you hire an employment attorney for one hour or ten, it is worth the expense, especially as you can deduct the attorneys fees from your taxes in the year of the settlement.

Carey & Associates P.C. provides employment counseling to help employees and professionals with all aspects of their current employment development and beyond the attention of the employer.

Carey & Associates, P.C. represents employees and executives nationwide from all industries and professions in employment law matters. We collaborate with clients to find workable and cost-sensitive solutions to contract disputes, severance negotiations, general employment conflicts and office politics, compensation and employment discrimination without resort to litigation. We empower clients of all employment levels to embrace work and career challenges that exist just slightly outside their comfort zones. We believe growth and adversity are good for the soul. We also believe that the playing field of work is always level, it just depends on your perception and where you derive your knowledge of how to succeed.

We handle severance agreements every day. In fact, we probably have twenty or more severance negotiations occurring at any moment in time during the week.  We want share some insights about negotiating severance agreements to help you better understand the deal in front of you and to avoid costly mistakes.

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Mark and his team at Carey & Associates are incredibly knowledgeable about Employment Law and have walked me through every step of the way. Their approach and guidance has been extremely effective in dealing with my case. They instill a sense of confidence by laying out the facts, caselaw, and risk assessment to help make well informed decisions. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for an Employment Attorney.


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