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Employnomics® is a term covering literally every aspect of working and the dysfunctional relationship between corporate management and all employees. The term helps explain why employees never get a benefit from entering into a noncompetition agreement. The term explains why employers push employees into forced arbitration agreements to hide their discriminatory and previously distorted sexual harassment cases (now illegal). The term also explains how employers deliberately engage in wage theft under state and federal law. The term helps explain why Amazon factory workers cannot take a urination break on the floor. Employnomics® also includes the pervasive performance improvement plans used to build a defense case not better employee performance. The term is also synonymous with current management efforts to force evermore productive remote workers back to the office because of office utilization. The term can also help explain why employers are shifting away from providing performance reviews and feedback to something even more vague and confusing HR language to make employees feel less anxious about getting performance feedback from their managers. And, here is my favorite Employnomics phrase of all time- the at-will rule; a legal term to conceal the vast majority of discriminatory and retailatory behavior without legal consequence.

The list of situations covered by the term Employnomics® is endless, but at least now we have word to describe this stupid employer shit!

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