Employment Law Attorneys
Mark Carey41Mark provides employment counseling to help employees and professionals with all aspects of their current employment and beyond the attention of the employer.  Mark has spent the past seventeen (17) years “only” litigating employment cases from the employee/executive perspective and has seen almost every possible work situation, from the basic to the bizarre.  He has litigated over one hundred (100) lawsuits primarily in federal court, including a few in state court and AAA/FINRA arbitration cases. A company has a Human Resources Department, but you don’t.   Now you can rely on Mark to answer all sorts of questions, from the simplest to the complex, even ones you would never ask the company.  You can access this unique service for as little or as much time that you need from Mark.   The whole idea is to quickly get the information you need to make important decisions.
Employment Counseling services cover a variety of topics:

  • Simple questions about company policies
  • Employment agreements like non-competition agreements
  • Professional development
  • Getting along with difficult coworkers and supervisors
  • Dealing with recruiters and what not to say
  • Disability benefits and when to take leave
  • Family medical leave-how to get it and how to return to your job
  • Dealing with a hostile work environment but no one’s broken the law yet
  • How to make an effective complaint that works and gets you want you want

Call Mark Carey at (203) 255-4150 or email at info@capclaw.com.  He usually answers the phone, because that’s why you called him.