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Like every other US state, Connecticut is an at-will jurisdiction for employment purposes. An employer can terminate a worker for any reason, at any time. The only caveat is that a company cannot fire an employee on grounds that violate state or federal law, which includes numerous protections related to employment discrimination. Unfortunately, data from the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) reveals that far too many employers continue to engage in serious misconduct. Nationwide, employees file more than 67,000 charges every year alleging discrimination on account of sex, race, age, disability, and other protected characteristics.

It may come as a comfort to know that you have legal options under federal and state laws if you were the subject of employment discrimination. You may be entitled to monetary damages and other relief, though the process can be complicated. Our team at Carey & Associates P.C. has decades of experience under our belts, so we are prepared to tackle the challenges. For personalized advice, please contact us to schedule a consultation with one of our Danbury employment discrimination lawyers. Some background information may also be helpful.

Overview of Employment Discrimination Laws

The key statutes on discrimination in the workplace are Title VII to the US Civil Rights Act and the Connecticut Human Rights and Opportunities Act, though there are additional laws that apply to specific situations. Our Danbury employment discrimination attorneys are well-versed in such matters as:

  • Sexual Harassment: Your employer may be liable under two types of sexual harassment, including the creation of a hostile work environment through offensive comments, jokes, insults, and other conduct of a sexual nature. Quid pro quo is the other form, in which someone offers you advantageous treatment in exchange for sexual favors or resorts to adverse action if you do not submit.
  • Wrongful Termination: Companies are prohibited from firing an employee who possesses protected characteristics, but it is also illegal to terminate you for your participation in protected activities. Examples include:
    • Filing an employment discrimination or sexual harassment charge;
    • Assisting with another employee’s complaint regarding discrimination;
    • Participating in an official investigation into your employer’s misconduct; and,
    • Seeking benefits under state workers’ compensation laws.
  • Racial Discrimination: Treating employees differently because of race is unlawful, though it can be difficult to identify because it is rarely overt. Circumstantial evidence of how your employer treats members of another race is crucial, such as trends involving hiring, firing, promotions, raises, performance reviews, and other aspects of employment.
  • Age Discrimination: The US Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA) protects workers aged 40 and over, while the Connecticut equivalent applies to other age groups. Misconduct is not likely to be obvious, but you should note instances where hiring, terminations, and other employment decision-making seem to favor younger workers.

Steps in the Legal Process for Discrimination Claims

The EEOC is charged with handling federal discrimination laws, and the Connecticut Commission on Human Rights and Opportunities (CHRO) is tasked with state issues. You must file a complaint with one or both of these agencies initially, according to the legal requirement of exhausting your administrative remedies. Upon filing an EEOC or CHRO charge, your employer will have the opportunity to respond to the allegations of discrimination and provide additional evidence. Many employment discrimination charges are resolved at the administrative level by agreement of the parties. The next step in enforcing your rights is filing a lawsuit in court against your employer.

Our Danbury employment discrimination lawyers at Carey & Associates P.C. will be at your side through every stage of the legal process. We are adept at conducting investigations and gathering evidence to support your discrimination charge. Our team will advocate on your behalf during administrative proceedings to advise you on settlement options, but we are ready to take your case to court. It is our goal to ensure you receive all possible forms of relief, including:

  • Back and forward pay;
  • Amounts representing unrealized employee benefits;
  • Attorneys’ fees and legal costs for pursuing your remedies;
  • Compensation for emotional distress, pain and suffering; and
  • Equitable relief, such as being reinstated, promoted, hired, or receiving a raise.

Set Up a Consultation with Our Danbury Employment Discrimination Attorneys Today

An overview of your rights and options is useful, but it is no replacement for the knowledge and experience a skilled employment discrimination lawyer brings to the table. To learn more about your remedies, please contact Carey & Associates P.C. to schedule a case evaluation. You can reach our offices by calling (203) 255-4150 or visiting our website.

Client Testimonials

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Mark and his team at Carey & Associates are incredibly knowledgeable about Employment Law and have walked me through every step of the way. Their approach and guidance has been extremely effective in dealing with my case. They instill a sense of confidence by laying out the facts, caselaw, and risk assessment to help make well informed decisions. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for an Employment Attorney.


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