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image for Carey Reaches 8000 Miles on His Solo MS Fundraiser

Today I passed the 8000 mile marker on my journey to complete 10,000 miles in one year.  The mission will be accomplished on December 31, 2021.  I am cycling to raise money for a cure for Multiple Sclerosis. You can help contribute any dollar amount to this worthy cause by donating HERE. If you are NOT on Facebook, please use this donation link HERE.   You can follow my daily rides on HERE. And thank you to everyone who has already donated to this worthy cause.

If you have not already donated to this worthwhile cause, consider this. Nearly 1 million people are living with MS in the United States, according to the National MS Society.

According to the

While multiple sclerosis is not contagious or directly inherited, epidemiologists ” scientists who study patterns of disease ” have identified factors in the distribution of MS around the world that may eventually help determine what causes the disease. These factors include gendergenetics, age, geography and ethnic background.

Age: Most people are diagnosed between the ages of 20 and 50, although MS can occur in young children and older adults.

Geography: In general, MS is more common in areas farthest from the equator. However, prevalence rates may differ significantly among groups living in the same geographic area regardless of distance from the equator.
Gender: The recent prevalence study shows MS is three times more common in women than in men, suggesting that hormones may also play a significant role in determining susceptibility to MS.
Ethnic Background: Research has demonstrated that MS occurs in most ethnic groups, including Black people, Asians and Hispanics/Latinx, but is most common amongst white people of European descent. Susceptibility rates vary among these groups, with recent findings suggesting that Black women have a higher than previously reported risk of developing MS.

If you would like to learn more about MS, I suggest reading about it  HERE  and on the  National MS Society website.   If you would like more information about MS and this fundraising effort, please contact Carey & Associates PC.  

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