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Carey Cycles 10,000 Miles for a 3rd Year to Cure Multiple Sclerosis in 2023

image for Carey Cycles 10,000 Miles for a 3rd Year to Cure Multiple Sclerosis in 2023

By Mark Carey

Since 2021 I have been cycling to raise money for a cure for Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and I am extremely grateful to everyone who has donated to this worthy cause.   Each year I have set a goal to ride an extremely punishing distance. In 2021 I completed 10,000 miles and in 2022 I rode 11,000 miles. In 2023, I will plan to ride 10,000 more miles.   I will continue to cycle 10,000 miles every year until there is a cure for MS.

Although my fundraising story above is about achieving success and finding a final cure for MS, I have also had to readjust my goal in 2022 because life just got in the way. I was unable to reach my 15,000 mile goal in 2023. After time off to care for ailing knees, followed by a lengthy bout with Covid, I managed to reach 11,000 miles, still a success.  I was forced to quit my 2022 goal of 15,000 miles; however, I do not see quitting as a failure here.  My fundraiser raised valuable funds for the National MS Society and brought additional attention to the plight of all whom suffer with MS.

In 2023, I am continuing the journey again.  Each year has been unique and 2023 is no exception.  Today I continue my long haul riding with a monkey on my back, “long haul covid”.  After contracting the disease in November, I feel like my body systems are not functioning the same as they once did.  This year should be interesting. 

If you feel inspired by my fundraiser and would like to donate any amount to the National MS Society, I would greatly appreciate your support please, donate on Facebook HERE or HERE at my MS Society fundraising page. #10000MILES4MS.  You can follow my progress on Strava.

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