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Donna-Marie Woodstock

Associate Attorney

Donna-Marie has seen first-hand how unfamiliar the average employee is with his/her rights under federal and state law.  She has witnessed the despair, the helplessness and the confusion of an individual who is suddenly jobless, usually through no fault of his/her own, and has no clue what the next steps should be.  In that framework, Donna-Marie views her role as an advocate tasked with obtaining the best outcome for her client that is, at minimum, fair and equitable without engaging in very expensive litigation.  That is her function as an employment lawyer and what she strives to do for each client of this firm. 

Her legal career began as a litigation associate with a general focus on areas including personal injury, product liability, residential and commercial foreclosure and fraud investigations.  She has had an extensive career as a federal judicial law clerk, where she clerked for several bankruptcy judges.  As a law clerk in bankruptcy court, she witnessed first-hand the catastrophic impact on people in dire financial straits, which impact was usually preceded by job loss.  As an employment attorney, she sees her function as examining that loss for any violations of law and to ensure that the client receives any and all entitlements under the law. 

Donna-Marie is originally from Jamaica and have resided in Connecticut (by way of New York) for many years. She graduated from Cornell University and earned a law degree from Cornell Law School. She is admitted to the practice of law in the States of Connecticut and New York and in the District of Connecticut.  Donna-Marie is an avid reader of books (never audio or electronic), loves to travel, enjoys good television and movies and is a serious bingo player.

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