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Donna-Marie Woodstock


I became a lawyer to right wrongs. I realize that that sentiment is a bit trite but it, nonetheless, is true. My path to justice armed me with invaluable knowledge, an enviable work ethic and a very real appreciation for the law. Since 1996, I worked as a law clerk in federal court. I worked for the judges that would hear bankruptcy matters and assisted in the process of rendering decisions and resolving disputes. While no one relished being in dire financial straits, I viewed my role as enforcing bankruptcy law while ensuring a fresh start to the honest and hard-working, but unfortunate, individual debtor. As strange as it may sound, I received invaluable courtroom experience from my time as a law clerk. I observed enough evidentiary hearings, contested matters and trials to know what is effective advocacy in a courtroom. I learned that every trial decision, while strategic, must ultimately benefit and be in the best interest of your client. More importantly, I learned what never to do in a courtroom.
I am beginning a new path to justice where individuals should be protected and respected as they pursue their livelihood. This time around, I am advocating for individuals to ensure an outcome that is at minimum, fair and equitable without engaging in very expensive litigation. If one is qualified for a position and is respectful of his/her co-workers, the managers and the work space, that should be incentive enough for that employee to be valued by his/her employer. If an employee encounters anything less, I am in a position to right that wrong.
I am originally from Jamaica and have resided in Connecticut (by way of New York) for many, many years. I graduated from Cornell University and earned a law degree from Cornell Law School. I am admitted to the practice of law in Connecticut and New York.

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