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When you are working for an employer and you have entered into a valid employment contract or severance agreement, or when you co-own a business and you have entered into any kind of corporate or technology contract with another party, an experienced Stamford breach of contract lawyer knows how important it is for the terms of the agreement to be upheld, and for the other party in the contract to fulfill his or her portion of the agreement. Yet for a wide variety of reasons in employment circumstances, one of the parties to a contract will fail to perform his or her obligations outlined in the contract. When a party does not abide by the terms of the agreement, the other party may be able to file a breach of contract lawsuit.

What is a Breach of Contract in Stamford?

What is a breach of contract? According to the Cornell Legal Information Institute (LII), a breach of contract is a violation of a contractual obligation. The LII explains that one may breach a contract by repudiating a promise, failing to perform a promise, or interfering with another party’s performance.

There are many different ways in which a breach of contract can occur, and the specifics will depend upon the type of contract and each party’s actions or omissions related to the contract’s responsibilities.

Elements of a Stamford Breach of Contract Lawsuit

While it will be important to discuss the particular elements of your claim with a Stamford breach of contract employment lawyer, the four general elements of a breach of contract claim under Connecticut law include the following:

  • There is a valid contract;
  • One of the parties to the contract performed or upheld his or her responsibilities according to the agreement;
  • The opposing party breached the contract, or failed to perform or uphold his or her responsibilities according to the agreement; and
  • The plaintiff suffered damages.

When you are working with an experienced breach of contract attorney in Stamford and you know that you have a strong case, it is important to know that you are not required to go through the litigation process and to take your case to a judge or jury. In many breach of contract cases, our lawyers can negotiate with the defendant to resolve the breach of contract issue in a timely and more cost-effective manner without the need to take your case to trial. To be clear, our attorneys are fully prepared to go to trial if necessary, but we also know that accepting a settlement or otherwise resolving the breach of contract issue can be a faster and more favorable resolution for both parties.

Remedies in a Breach of Contract Case

When another party has breached a contract and you have suffered damages, what options do you have to remedy the situation? There are multiple different types of remedies that may be appropriate in a breach of contract case, including but not limited to the following:

  • Compensatory damages, which a court can award to compensate you for losses you have suffered as a result of the breach of contract, including direct and indirect losses that resulted from the breach of contract;
  • Liquidated damages if they are specific in the contract;
  • Specific performance, which means that the court can require the breaching party to fulfill the terms of the agreement as closely as possible under the circumstances; and/or
  • Restitution in situations where the contract is ultimately canceled.

In many breach of contract claims, more than one remedy is available to the party who has been legally harmed by the breach. The types of remedies that may be available to you will depend upon the particular facts of your case and the terms of the contract.

Timeline for a Breach of Contract Claim in Stamford, CT

Like other types of civil lawsuits, breach of contract claims in Connecticut have a statute of limitations. Under the Connecticut statute of limitations, most breach of contract claims must be brought within six years from the date that the action accrued, or the date that the defendant breached the contract. Failure to file a breach of contract claim within that six-year time window can result in the claim becoming time-barred under Connecticut law.

Contact an Experienced Stamford Breach of Contract Lawyer Today

If you have sustained damages as a result of a breach of contract, or if you have been legally harmed because another party has not upheld an agreement in a contract, an experienced Stamford breach of contract lawyer at our firm can speak with you today. We know how important it is to be able to rely on employment contracts and agreements for your professional livelihood, and we can help you to seek a remedy. Contact Carey & Associates, P.C. today online or call us at (203) 255-4150 to learn more about how we can assist with your breach of contract claim.

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