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FOR EMPLOYEES: Emergency Q&A With An Employment Attorney for $250.00 for 1 Hour1 min read

Have you hit a wall in your attempts to obtain answers from the internet to your specific employment questions, then we have an offer for you.

Carey & Associates P.C. is offering a limited one hour engagement with one of our employment attorneys for a flat fee of $250.00.  The one hour session is designed to provide you with immediate answers to employment issues you are currently facing, such as paid FMLA and performance improvement plans, and how to navigate them while safely maintaining your job.

For employees who have recently been laid off, we can answer your post employment questions regarding severance negotiation, discrimination claims, wage claims, and unemployment benefits.

For more information please contact our employment attorneys at Carey & Associates, P.C. at info@capclaw.com or call 203-255-4150.

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