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We are Short Term Incentive Plan Lawyers in Darien, Connecticut.

If you have a compensation issue, we are We are Short Term Incentive Plan Lawyers in Darien, Connecticut.  We are familiar with short term incentive pay because we have negotiated short term pay in executive contracts.

Carey & Associates, P.C. provides a comprehensive and unique client-driven approach to Executive Compensation representation. Your goals become our expectations and the firm will personally guide you through each step of the process. Because we regularly monitor the compensation market, we provide current compensation data and information. We utilize a peer and industry analysis compensation database, to evaluate the competitiveness of any offer. We also conduct an extensive financial, tax and legal analysis of targeted companies. The firm’s representation will follow the client from the pre-offer stage, through employment and the renegotiation/exit stage. As the client builds a trusting relationship with the new employer, the firm seeks to create a mutually fulfilling and long lasting relationship with the client.

Short term incentive pay is determined a variety of factors:

1) existing company practice,
2) compensation committee discretion;
3) competitive peer assessment in the employer’s industry; previous work experience; and
4) future growth revenue projections of the company, just to name a few.
Often, the executive will receive a low base salary and a high percentage bonus, that is most often tied to overall company and individual performance during each year of employment. Generally, executive bonuses range from 50% to 75% of base salary for smaller companies to 75% to 150% for larger companies.

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