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At Wll Employment1 min read

This is name given to the method that most people are employed. At-Will means you can quit your employment without any reasons and the employer can terminate your employment without any reason. At-Will employment is a contractual agreement between two parties, but it is different than term contracts. Term contracts specify a definite period of employment, i.e. two years. At-Will employment is by its nature indefinite. At-Will is the most basic contractual arrangement between an employee and employer. Connected to every type of contract is the covenant of good faith and fair dealing. This simply means the parties must act reasonably so as not to disrupt the rights of the other party to receive the benefit of his or her bargain. For example, an employee has a right to earn his wage. If the employer restricts that right by denying overtime or bonus, then a claim for a breach of the covenant can be made. Although not intended to confuse you, but you can also have an at-will term contract for a specified length of time. This a hybrid at-will/term contract. In this contract, the employer is only obligated to employ the employee for a specified number of years. BUT, at any time the employer can terminate the contract without any reasons. Employees should always avoid this type of contract because it does not provide any job security. The employee really should have a term contract with “for cause” and “for good reason” termination provisions. Such a contract will provide job security.