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Are You Happy or Unhappy At Work?1 min read

Did you know that 70% of employees are unhappy or not engaged at work, as reported by Gallup? (Gallup Gallup Poll http://www.gallup.com/services/178514/state-american-workplace.aspx).
I would like your feedback to two questions:
Question 1What is the single most important factor, thing or action that would make you fully engaged in your work, i.e. happy to go to work each day? 
Question 2: What is the one factor, thing or action that you like least about your job? 
I am very curious why so many people are unhappy in their jobs.  Your positive aspirations will definitely inspire others and your least desires about work will create motivation and consensus. Your responses will be anonymous in my findings and your name will never be used. Please respond via email at info@capclaw.com no later than November 6, 2015.  I will post the findings in an article once I have reviewed the responses.  We need to find solutions to enrich our lives while at work and now you can help.
Thank you for your invaluable assistance.

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